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Spending time in nature can help you replenish your batteries and alleviate the stress that we all experience on a daily basis. You don’t need much but basic equipment, water, and food if you enjoy hunting, hiking, or camping.

While snacks and energy bars are convenient, having access to a balanced and nutritious meal that you don’t have to prepare is even better. Survival food packages are very popular, and they are a fantastic investment if you enjoy being outside.

Mountain House, Wise Company, and Patriot Pantry are just a few of the top brands on the market. We decided to provide our list of the greatest in order to clarify things up and assist you in making the best option possible.

Best Long Term Survival Food Reviews

Mountain House Classic Bucket

It’s a smart idea to invest in a food survival kit made by a reputable company with decades of experience. The Mountain House Classic Bucket is another excellent example of their craftsmanship, and it’s ideal for anyone planning a camping, trekking, or hunting trip.

There are 12 distinct main meal pouches for a total of 29 servings. One bucket can last you anywhere from 2 to 5 days, depending on your appetite and caloric demands. These meals will keep you content because they are all well-balanced and designed to meet the typical nutritional needs.

Some individuals consider the Mountain House Classic Bucket to be too expensive when compared to comparable bundles that provide twice as many servings for the same price. However, when you consider the quality of these meals, the pricing is reasonable. The only disadvantage is that these meals include a lot of salt, which is one of the finest preservatives and enhances the flavour of food.

There are two pouches of beef stew with mushrooms and cream sauce, two pouches of lasagna with meat sauce, two pouches of chicken noodles, two pouches of chicken teriyaki with rice, and two pouches of beef stroganoff included in the package. 

While all of these meals are delicious for dinner and lunch, the granola pouch with milk and blueberries is ideal for breakfast.

The Mountain House Classic Bucket’s appeal stems from the fact that the meals can be cooked in under 15 minutes. All you have to do now is fill the pouch with room temperature or boiling water and enjoy. Finally, these pouches are backed by a 30-year guarantee on taste and shelf life. Overall, this is a worthwhile buy for anyone looking for high-quality, quick-to-prepare meals.


  • check29 servings
  • checkTasty
  • checkEasy to prep
  • 30-year shelf life


  • Pricey for some
  • Too much sodium
  • Slow without boiling water

Wise Company Emergency Variety Pack

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re seeking the best long-term survival food kit available. The Wise Company Emergency Variety Pack is one of the best long-term survival food kits available. It’s a great deal for any nature lover, as it’s affordable and includes over 100 servings of delicious cuisine.

The Emergency Variety Pack from Wise Company, a well-known name in the survival food sector, is another economical bundle that can fulfill the weekend needs of a few individuals. There are over ten distinct pouches in total, with a total of 104 servings. Still, there is one major disadvantage: the pouches are not resealable, which might be inconvenient.

The issue is that the main courses only account for 15% of the total servings.

This kit includes 8 servings of bananas, 8 servings of strawberries, 8 servings of corn, 8 servings of peas, and 24 servings of whey milk, in addition to the above-mentioned recipes. 4 bowls of apple cinnamon cereal and 4 servings of brown sugar multi-grain cereal are two acceptable breakfast options.

In addition, the Emergency Variety Pack includes a couple portions of pudding, yoghurt, and butter sauce to round out the package. Another essential characteristic is the 25-year shelf life, which could be useful for people who are constantly on the go and don’t want to eat old food. Considering everything, this is a fantastic product, especially given the ease and variety of meals available.


  • check104 servings
  • checkTasty
  • Easy to prep
  • check25-year shelf life
  • Healthy


  • Can’t seal pouches
  • Slow without boiling water
  • Only 16 servings of entrees

Ultimate MRE Bundle

MRE has always been ahead of the competition when it comes to food survival kits.

If you’re planning a longer camping or backpacking trip, the Ultimate MRE bundle is a must-have item. While the Ultimate MRE packets were originally designed for troops, they are now available to anybody looking for high-quality, easy-to-prepare food.

Meals, Ready to Eat bundles are popular because they are Western Frontier approved, providing the best quality and satisfaction.

The Ultimate MRE is a combination of Case A and Case B, including 24 various meals, snacks, powdered drinks, and extras like towelettes and wet wipes.

Starting with the main courses, there are beef stroganoff, beef patty with jalapeno pepper, meatballs in tomato sauce, chilli with beans, and ratatouille to choose from.

Chicken Spaghetti with pesto sauce and chunked tuna, on the other hand, maybe the ideal selection for you if you prefer lighter foods. There are also excellent munchies like chipotle tortillas, nut raisin mix, candy rings, and salty crackers.

You also get coffee and tea bags, as well as iodized salt and sugar packets. When properly stored, Ultimate MRE meals can survive for decades; nevertheless, the fresher they are, the better the taste.

There is no need to bother about preparation because all you have to do is pour boiling water into the heating pack.

Follow the preparation and time instructions carefully, since some foods take longer to heat up than others. Given its deliciousness, convenience, and versatility, it’s no surprise that the Ultimate MRE bundle is one of Amazon’s best-selling items.


  • check24 different meals
  • Snacks and accessories
  • checkEasy to prep
  • Long shelf life
  • checkHealthy


  • Not well organized
  • Slow without boiling water
  • A lot of preservatives

Chef’s Banquet 30 Day Emergency Food

If you’re going on a lengthy vacation and want the greatest long-term survival food, look no further than the Chef’s Banquet brand. The 30-Day Emergency Food Bucket contains 330 servings of fresh food, enough to meet your daily calorie requirements.

There aren’t many bundles on the market that can cover you for more than a few days. Even so, this one can feed an average person for a month (2100 calories a day), with a variety of versatile and healthy dishes.

Starting with breakfast, there are 60 servings of oats prepared to meet micro and macro dietary needs. 60 serves of substantial potato soup, 30 servings of chicken-flavoured vegetable stew, 30 servings of mixed veggies, and 30 servings of instant potatoes will be a terrific appetiser for lunch and dinner.

Main dishes include macaroni and cheese, beef vegetable stew, and cheddar broccoli rice, all of which serve 30 people. The pouches are zip-sealed and have an oxygen absorber, so you don’t have to worry about them going bad. Furthermore, this product has a 20-year shelf life, which is rather impressive for a 30-day survival food bucket.

Because none of these meals contain high-fructose corn syrup or MSG, you can rest assured that they are part of a balanced and healthy diet. All of the meals are simple to make, and once you’ve added the water, you won’t have to wait more than 20 minutes.

Given the 330 servings, it would be preferable if these were packaged in more pouches. Aside from that, there aren’t a lot of meat-based recipes. Overall, it is a wonderful value product that is suitable for use in a survival or emergency situation.


  • check330 servings
  • Affordable
  • checkEasy to prep
  • check20-year shelf life
  • Oxygen absorber zip seals


  • Lacking meat
  • Slow without boiling water
  • Lacking spices

Patriot Pantry Emergency Kit

If you’re looking for a food survival kit that will allow you to stick to your healthy and balanced eating plan, the Patriot Pantry Emergency Kit is a great choice. The Patriot Pantry Kit will meet the demands of any outdoor lover, with 48 servings and 7 distinct meals.

While the bucket isn’t quite as large as the one listed above, the price is reasonable, and you receive well-balanced dishes, so it’s well worth it. We particularly enjoy the black beans and rice soup and the fettuccine Alfredo, but all of the meals are excellent for boosting energy and keeping you on the move.

Chili mac, southwest savoury rice, creamy chicken and rice, traveler’s stew, and standard mac and cheese are also available. You’ll get a total of seven different meals in this package, with each pouch providing at least four servings. You can preserve some of the pouches for later because they are sealable.

This product has a 25-year shelf life and is simple to prepare as long as you have boiled water. Nonetheless, several of these dishes are meatless, which is a worry for those who prefer protein to carbs. Taking everything into account, this kit is still a wonderful choice if you want a balanced diet on your camping trip, even though some of the meals are more carb and fat-oriented.


  • check48 servings
  • 7 different meals
  • checkEasy to prep
  • 25-year shelf life
  • checkHealthy


  • Lacking meat
  • Rice is quite bland
  • Slow without boiling water

Best Long Term Survival Food Bottom Line

Your needs and nutritional requirements will determine which long-term survival food package is ideal for you.

The Ultimate MRE is our personal favourite. While it isn’t the most organised, it does include 24 different meals as well as a number of useful extras that will come in handy once you’re out in the wilderness.

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