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Every pound of weight in your pack counts, whether you’re hiking, camping, or in an outdoor survival emergency.

The iunio Survival Axe is a smart, flexible tool that integrates eight different survival tools into one streamlined compact, making it a must-have for all of your outdoor adventures.

iunio Survival Axe

The iunio Survival Axe has a tubular handle design and is a compact, practical tactical camping axe. It includes a variety of survival tools and equipment that can be used in any outdoor environment.

You may shorten the handle for usage in tight locations or have handy storage for your own outdoor goods with the tubular handle.

Extension bars from iunio can be utilised with other iunio components, allowing you to gradually add more tools and functions to this survival axe.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Versatile design lets you shorten the axe handle to work in small areas
  • Multiple essential survival tools in one
  • Non-slip comfortable grip tape included
  • Handle can be used to store your own first aid, fishing, or camping gear as needed


  • Not as durable as other single-purpose camping axes
  • May be difficult to keep handle threads tight enough for rugged use but still loose enough to open and access the contents

What is the purpose of the iunio Survival Axe?

The iunio Survival Axe is made for folks who frequently camp, fish, or participate in other outdoor activities and know they’ll need an axe, a hammer, a compass, a flint rod, an emergency whistle, and other critical tools.

By consolidating everything you need in one box, the all-in-one design saves you time and space.

This axe is also a terrific addition to any emergency kit, whether you’re preparing a bug-out bag at home or purchasing critical survival items to keep in your car.

iunio Survival Axe Features

The iunio Survival Axe is comprised of quality aluminium alloy and high carbon steel. When fully assembled, the tubular handle measures 16 inches and may be dismantled for simpler storage and transport.

Water-resistant and strong silicone threads in the handle keep your things safe and dry. It comes with a variety of survival tools and extras that may be stored inside the handle, or you can utilise the space to store your own fishing or camping gear.

The bottle opener, fish scaler, emergency whistle, safety hammer, and magnesium rod are all integrated into the iunio Survival Axe. A compass is integrated into the handle’s end, and it comes with a protective sheath to make carrying it more convenient.

The supplied grip tape improves your grip in wet or chilly weather and makes the handle more comfortable and shock-resistant.

The iunio system is also extendable, allowing you to add a pickaxe or shovel head to their handle system for a more adaptable outdoor survival kit.

How to Use the iunio Survival Axe

Use the iunio Survival Axe like any other tiny camping hatchet once it’s constructed. The axe head can be reversed and used as a hammer for tent poles and other camping duties, or the compass at the end of the handle can be used to quickly locate a spot.

This axe’s handle can be unscrewed to expose additional survival equipment. A magnesium rod for starting a fire, a small knife for scaling fish, a bottle opener, an emergency whistle, and a safety hammer for breaking car windows in an emergency are among the items included.

What’s Included in the Package?

The iunio Survival Axe includes the following features:

On the back of the axe head is a hammer head.
An opener for bottles
a scaler for fish
A magnesium rod for lighting a fire
The use of an emergency whistle
a hammer for safety
A compass is a device that helps you navigate.
Tape for gripping
For carrying, a protective sheath with a belt loop is included.

Other Options For a Survival Axe

The iunio Survival Axe is not designed to be used as a camping hatchet on a regular basis. It’s meant to be used as a multi-tool for survival and emergency situations, not for chopping wood on a regular basis.

Consider the Schrade SCAXE10 if you want a compact, sturdy, and high-quality camping hatchet. This hatchet has a lot of force for its size. It has a full tang structure and is composed of powder-coated stainless steel. It includes a hammer pommel and a black TPR wrapped handle that is ergonomically engineered for comfort and slippage resistance.

While it lacks the ease of the iunio Survival Axe’s multi-tool feature, it is a better choice for chopping wood.

Iunio Survival Axe Bottom Line

For outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and scouts, the iunio Survival Axe is an outstanding all-in-one survival and camping gear. It’s also a great addition to an emergency kit, whether you keep one at home or in your car.

However, the convenience of this multi-purpose design means that it isn’t the finest single-purpose camping axe and won’t last long while cutting wood.

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