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Patriot Pantry is an emergency food supply firm that offers food packages, survival gear, water filtration, air purification tools, and sprouting seeds.

What Is Patriot Pantry

Patriot Pantry first opened its doors in 2008. The purpose was to provide food in a time of need. When a country is struck by natural calamities, the first thing that people require is food.

Floods, storms, and tornadoes frequently result in food and water shortages. Patriot Pantry was created to help in times of need! During a hurricane, people may be able to seek shelter, but the food is often scarce. A company like Patriot Pantry comes in handy in these circumstances.

β€œIt’s Not Just Food,” they say. It’s called liberation.” The Patriot Pantry emphasizes self-sufficiency and preparedness. They want to make high-quality survival items. The company’s goal is to create new items at affordable rates.

Its mission is to assist people in times of need. Food is a basic requirement. Patriot Pantry also wants to ensure that no one goes hungry, especially in an emergency.

What Is Patriot Pantry

In times of disaster, the company was founded to deliver emergency kits. They had no idea that the year 2020 would be marred by a global pandemic.

Other natural disasters, such as a snowfall and severe rains, wreaked havoc on the country. Patriot Pantry was a godsend in such trying times. They gave folks in need a variety of foods and emergency kits.

People in need have been helped by survival emergency services. Patriot Pantry was established to help their country in times of need. They produce many types of meal kits. Patriot Pantry creates short-term food kits, long-term food kits, meat and protein kits, and fruit and vegetable kits.

Bulk food cans, case pack food pouches, gluten-free pouches, microgreens, and survival coffee are also available. These are only their food items. Cooking equipment, power and lights, survival publications, and first medical kits are all available from Patriot Pantry. Stoves, lighters, and fuels are also available through the company.

When a state gets hit by a storm, the first thing to go out is the electricity. Rain can cause it to be turned off. Occasionally, the government will shut it down to avoid disasters. The combination of water and electricity is dangerous.

People can’t cook or store food if they don’t have power. Patriot Pantry’s food kits come in handy in these situations. As a result, they also provide the option of purchasing stoves and fuels. During a snowstorm, heating becomes a problem. Patriot Pantry can provide you with power and lighting in that case. There are also first-born children available. Patriot Pantry’s items are inexpensive. They are aware of what people require in an emergency.

Patriot Pantry has ensured that food packages are available for everyone. There are gluten-free options, healthy meat options, high fibre fruits and veggie options, and so on.

Food products are frequently unavailable in supermarkets. There may be a scarcity of people’s favourite foods. In that situation, you can contact Patriot Pantry right away to place an order for food. Other survival items are also available for purchase.

It’s usually a good idea to order survival kits ahead of time. You never know when you’ll need anything. Disasters don’t give you a heads-up. As a result, you must plan ahead. We had no idea that a contagious illness would cause global havoc. That is why you should stock your home with all of the essential survival items.


  • Patriot Pantry’s food kits can be stored for a long time. They have a 25-year shelf life. It implies that you can prepare your home ahead of time. The emergency food packs have a lengthy shelf life.
  • Freshness is guaranteed at Patriot Pantry. The food isn’t stale just because it’s in an emergency kit. They have a device that absorbs oxygen and keeps the food fresh. The packaged food kits can be kept for a long time and will not spoil.
  • All of the products are created in the United States. They are high-quality items that can be consumed by anyone.
  • All of their packages come with detailed instructions. The directions are simple to follow. Following their guidelines will make it simple to prepare the food.
  • Patriot Pantry provides food that is well-packaged. The food is well-packed, which is why it stays fresh for so long. Food does not spill or tumble out of the container because of the packaging.
  • The prices are unbelievably low. Patriot Pantry does not overcharge its customers.
  • They provide outstanding customer service. Their customer service professionals are glad to assist you with any issue you may have.
  • Patriot Pantry is noted for its quick delivery. Their shipping service is well-liked by customers. When ordering food or supplies in an emergency, you need it delivered quickly.
  • Their food is nutritious and beneficial to one’s health. Patriot Pantry ensures healthy food, even if it is emergency food.
  • Patriot Pantry strives to offer a fantastic shopping experience.


  • Cooking time is approximately 20 minutes. When you’re in the throes of a crisis, your options are restricted. Cooking time of 20 minutes is excessive in such situations.
  • The 72-hour kit from Patriot Pantry has only 1600 calories. A person’s daily calorie requirement is 2000 calories. A daily calorie intake of 1600 is quite modest.
  • If you wish to return the product, you will be charged an additional fee.
  • When you cook some of the foods, they stick to the pan.
  • Food should be kept below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything kept at temperatures above 75 degrees will have a shorter shelf life.
  • Alaska and Hawaii are not included in Patriot Pantry’s free delivery policy.
  • The emergency gear is cumbersome to transport. It will be difficult for you to bring the kit with you in an emergency. Emergency supplies should be portable.

Emergency Food Kits

Patriot Pantry has a number of emergency food packs available. Long-term food storage kits, short-term food storage kits, and customised emergency food kits are the three primary types of emergency food kits they offer.

They also provide you with the option of selecting from a variety of additional kits. You can choose from a variety of fruit and vegetable kits, meat kits, and so on. Patriot Pantry offers a variety of food supply kits.

The 72-hour kit, 1-week food supply, 2-week food supply, and 4-week food supply are all available for purchase. The 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year food supply kits are among their other offerings.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included in each bucket. Milk and juice are also available from both. The food is stored in watertight containers. It will be able to withstand rainstorms and snowstorms. The packing can be resealed. You can eat some of it right now and save the rest for later.

Your food stays fresh thanks to the resealable buckets and packets. You can choose from pre-made buckets or individual goods at Patriot Pantry. You can choose food goods according to your budget. You can either store food in buckets or buy single packets.

You should choose a single product if you wish to sample the cuisine before purchasing a bucket.

You can go for buckets once you have a solid grasp of the number of calories, nutritional benefits, and flavour.

Long-Term Food Storage

The long-term food storage systems are simple to put together. They’re both nutritious and delicious. These kits have a 25-year shelf life, so you can keep them for a long time.

Pantry Patriot devotes a significant amount of time and effort to the preparation of their meal kits. Food storage kits are designed for people who want to store their homes with long-lasting food in the event of a long-term emergency. These kits come in handy during natural calamities.

The 3-month Emergency Food Supply Kit has a daily caloric intake of 2000+ calories. There are 40 servings of Mac & Cheese, 12 servings of Traveler’s Stew, and 16 servings of Creamy Stroganoff in this dish. 60 servings of Homestyle Potato Soup, 12 servings of Cheesy Broccoli Soup, and 8 servings of Black Bean Soup are among the soup options.

You can choose from 12 serves of creamy alfredo pasta, 16 servings of Chili Mac, and 8 pieces of spaghetti for solid meals. And that’s just the appetizer. Breakfast options, sides, snacks, desserts, and drinks are also included in the 3-month food supply box. The cost of the three-month food supply kit is $897.

The 6-month Emergency Food Supply Kit weighs 241 pounds and contains 1752 servings. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are all available. Meals come in resealable packets with oxygen absorbers within.

It aids in the preservation of food. The 6-month food kit includes all of the ingredients in the 3-month package, as well as a few extras. Mashed potatoes, mushroom rice pilaf, and other delectable alternatives are also available. The cost of the 6-month meal kit is $1,297.

A one-year food kit is also available at Patriot Pantry. The total cost of this kit is $3,297. It provides more than 2000 calories each day. There are 3,504 servings in each kit. This food kit, like the 3-month and 6-month food kits, offers healthful lunch, supper, breakfast, and snack alternatives. 4-layer heavy-duty pouches are used to serve the meals.

They’re simple to make and packed with nutrients. To cook everything in the kit, you’ll need 169.6 gallons of water.

Short-Term Food Storage

A pandemic is the world’s most recent worldwide crisis. Supermarket food supplies were quickly depleted. Pantry Patriot was able to provide for people’s fundamental requirements. People were well supplied thanks to Patriot Pantry’s long-term storage food kits. Each kit contains more than 2000 calories each day.

The Short-Term Food Storage Packets are practical and simple to prepare. A 72-hour food supply kit, a 1-week emergency food kit, a 2-week emergency food supply kit, and a 4-week food supply kit are all available. You may also get emergency food bars and MRE case packs with heaters from Patriot Pantry.

For $29.95, you can get a bag of emergency food supplements. For $7, you can get a single coffee pouch. You can also get a Preparedness Case for Emergencies at Patriot Pantry. This case has 65 servings and costs $159.95.

Delicious food items are included in short-term food storage packages. There are a variety of delectable dishes available like creamy chicken flavored rice, buttermilk pancakes, maple grove oatmeal, and homestyle potato soup. There are also 8 servings of energizing orange juice included.

Special Emergency Food Kits

Different sorts of goods are included in Patriot Pantry’s customized emergency food kits. You’ll find a wide range of foods, including vegetables, meats, and MREs.

There are also gluten-free choices available. Breakfast, soups, lunch, supper, and so on will be provided, much like the other food kits. The best part about the special emergency food kit is that the food products may be customized.

The Fruit, Veggie, and Snack Mix will set you back $77. Each kit contains 116 servings. The Mega Protein with Real Meat kit is also an option. It’s one of the healthiest choices they have. This lunch costs $217 for each bucket and serves 88 people.

The Beans Trio and Rice Kit is another excellent option. For 100 servings, you’ll pay $59.95. It’s a combination of protein and carbohydrates. The Ultimate Breakfast Kit is very delectable. Pancakes, oats, and juices are among the healthy breakfast options. The bucket costs $127 and serves 140 people.

A gluten-free option is included in special emergency kits. MRE case packs with heaters are also available. In addition, Patriot Pantry includes an Ultimate Solar Cooking Option.

Review Of Patriot Pantry Bottom Line

You can get one for each member of your family. You will not suffer a scarcity in a crisis if you do it this way. Disasters can happen at any time.

Economic collapse, societal upheaval, and power outages are all possibilities. People are trapped inside their homes for days on end during such occasions. They eat any food they can find in the house. This food, however, wears off after a while.

That is why emergency food kits should be kept on hand in your cupboard. Make sure to keep all of the kits in a dark location. The temperature should be between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the room. Even after being opened, they keep their shelf life.

As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about the food spoiling. Pantry Patriot has remedies for all kinds of emergencies, whether it’s a retail food shortage or a worldwide crisis.

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