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Every expert will encourage you to have a flashlight on hand if you’re going into the woods or just putting together an emergency kit. Now, it may seem self-evident that a flashlight is essential for survival situations, crises, and even just camping.

Flashlights, on the other hand, can be used for more than just lighting up your book pages or allowing you to walk to the restroom at night without tripping over rocks and stones. A flashlight may not appear to be particularly fascinating, let alone something that could save your life.

However, flashlights have a range of purposes, most of which aren’t obvious, but a flashlight is excellent survival equipment for a variety of reasons.

Excellent Ways To Use A Flashlight In An Emergency

Light The Way

Okay, let’s start with the obvious: your flashlight’s primary function is to provide lighting. If you find yourself in a survival situation, it’s likely that you won’t have access to electricity, leaving you in the dark after the sunsets.

An excellent survival flashlight will keep you safe whether you need to travel in the dark, hike through the woods, or simply find the bathroom in the middle of the night without falling down the stairs. It can also be used for other things, such as producing light so that you can cook in the dark, erecting a shelter, and so on.

Starting A Fire

You may be surprised to learn that flashlights may also be used to start fires. Of course, this isn’t a flashlight’s primary function, but it is conceivable. Taking off the glass lens of a flashlight and using it as a magnifying glass to amplify natural sunlight is one method of igniting a fire with it. It’s hot enough to kindle dry tinder with that concentrated beam of sunlight.

If you have a flashlight with a filament, rather than an LED light, you can break the bulb while leaving the filament intact, then turn on the flashlight while holding the filament to dry tinder. That filament heats up to the point that it can almost quickly light up anything dry.  You may also make fires with foil wrappers and steel wool if your flashlight has the proper kind of battery.

Blinding An Attacker

If an animal tries to attack you or a human tries to take resources from your camp or home, you can use a strong spotlight to blind them. If you have a flashlight with a really strong strobe setting that flashes on and off quickly, that’s even better. This will cause any assailant to become disoriented and confused, giving you ample time to flee or defuse the threat.


You probably don’t have enough food if you’re in a desperate survival situation. Sure, hunting during the day is preferable, but it may not always be possible, and some meaty animals only emerge at night. A flashlight mounted to a rifle or bow can illuminate the area in front of you, allowing you to spot and kill your next meal.

Self Defense

Although a little survival flashlight may not be the most effective weapon for self-defense, it is still better than nothing. It’s not a pistol, a dagger, or even a large stick, but it can come in handy when you’re in a need.

If you’ve ever seen an old movie, you’ll know why cops carry such large flashlights: they can be used to clonk a bad guy over the head with them.

If all else fails, a tiny flashlight can be used as a missile. Throwing a small flashlight at someone may not cause much harm, but it can at the very least serve as a temporary distraction.

See Outside

A good survival flashlight can also assist you in navigating through a heavy thunderstorm, blizzard, or thick fog. That light isn’t simply for nighttime use.


A good flashlight can also be used for surveillance and monitoring. In other words, if you suspect a bad man is lying in the bushes, preparing to break into your camp or home to steal supplies or commit other crimes, you can survey the situation and use that light as a deterrent. Furthermore, if it is dark and you need to set up camp, a flashlight can be used to locate the finest camping area.

Signaling For Help

In a survival emergency, one of the most important functions of a flashlight is to signal for help. Strobe modes are available on many modern torches, particularly LED flashlights. A powerful beam of light flashes on and off in quick succession in these strobe settings.

In this manner, you can summon assistance from planes, boats, and anyone else around. In the same vein, because flashlights can be used to ignite flames, and because fires are highly bright and smoky, they can also be used to signal for help.


A huge flashlight might theoretically be used to dig a tiny hole in the case that you need to dig a latrine, dig for water, or look for grubs to eat, though this isn’t very frequent. On a similar point, if you have a very tough flashlight, you might be able to use it as a hammer for a variety of tasks.

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