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When it comes to surviving a survival situation, which could happen at any point in the future, you must be prepared, which means having the correct items in your pantry. Of fact, there are only a few foods that can be stored for an extended period of time and remain edible until needed.

Canned fish is one of the best forms of food you can eat because it is high in protein and nutrients, flavorful, and has a long shelf life. Today, we’re going to look at one such canned fish product that’s ideal for long-term storage and disaster preparedness.

Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon Review

Wild Pink Salmon from Wild Planet is canned salmon. This package comprises a large number of cans, is fairly tasty, can be used for a variety of recipes, does not require preparation, has a long shelf life, and provides enough nutrients to keep you and your family alive in the event of a crisis.

However, keep in mind that, in the world of tinned fish, this is a pretty high-quality product, therefore it isn’t the cheapest.

For Whom Is This Product Intended?

Anyone who enjoys canned fish will enjoy this Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon. It can be utilised in a variety of ways, including fish sandwiches, salads, casseroles, stews, and more. Because it is canned, it has a very long shelf life, making it an ideal survival meal for your pantry.

It’s a good idea to include a few cans of this salmon in any significant food storage plan for any circumstance. Of course, it isn’t necessary to keep it on hand in case of an emergency. After a long day at work, Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon is a terrific quick dinner.

What’s Included in the Package?

When you buy Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon, you get a particular amount of cans of wild-caught and sustainably sourced salmon (1 x 3 ounce, 12 x 3 ounce, and 12 x 5 ounce cans). No, it isn’t the cheapest survival food on the market, but it is an environmentally friendly product with an excellent taste and a long shelf life.

Feature Descriptions

One thing to remember about Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon is that it is canned, which means it will keep for a long time. Light, bacteria, mould, and vermin will be kept out of the can. This type of canned food always has a lengthy shelf life, which is ideal for long-term storage.

Furthermore, because it comes in a can, it is great for keeping in a small place because cans take up little space and are easy to stack.

What makes Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon so unique is that it is wild fished by Alaskan fishing families and is also sustainably sourced. This means that fisherman are not permitted to exceed a set limit, ensuring that Alaskan fish stocks are not decimated beyond the point of no return. In today’s world, being environmentally responsible is critical.

There’s also the fact that salmon is high in calories, lipids, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and other components essential for survival. Although a single can may appear to be small, it offers enough protein and calories to keep you going.

Remember that Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon is boneless, filler-free, skinless, gluten-free, and GMO-free, so it should be safe to eat for the majority of individuals.

Finally, because this Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon is fully cooked, there is no need to prepare it.

How To Use It

When it comes to using this Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon, there isn’t much to know. Simply open the can and eat it straight out of the can. Making it into a fish salad or a casserole, on the other hand, will almost certainly be more delicious. Aside from that, when keeping it, make sure not to break the container and avoid storing it in a hot environment. Also, keep it away from pest-infested places.


  • Long shelf life
  • No preparation needed
  • Packed with calories and other nutrients
  • Cans are stackable for easy storage
  • Sustainably fished
  • Quite tasty


  • Not many vitamins
  • Not exactly cheap

Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon Review

Although canned salmon isn’t everyone’s favorite, it’s high in nutrients, has a long shelf life, and can be used in a variety of ways.

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