25 Things You Need In Order To Be Prepared For Any Disaster

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You have two hours until tragedy strikes. Are you ready for it?

You’ve probably seen the grocery store scene in every post-apocalyptic film ever made. You’re aware of which one I’m referring to. While everyone around him gradually transforms from an innocent customer to an aggressive looter, an anxious father races isle by isle gathering water and canned food for his family.

In this situation, shelves are swiftly empty, and the store becomes a battleground. In the next scene, Dad discovers a store that has managed to preserve hold of its inventory but has become ridiculously greedy, increasing prices and heartlessly bartering family heirlooms in exchange for the now useless cash.

Believe me again, mate, if you think this scene can only be seen on the big screen. Even a rumor of disaster can send your entire community into a panic – because, let’s face it, no one is prepared for a tragedy. No one has stocked up on food rations or window reinforcements. No one has considered how to safeguard their family or home. No one is prepared, and they are now panicked to the point of violence.

You can prepare for a crisis right now with low-cost items and limited storage space, as you’ll see in this minimalist disaster survival list. Every item on this list can be ordered in two days with Amazon Prime or picked up in a hurry at your local Walmart.

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Resources You Might Need When A Disaster Happens

Things You NEED When Disaster Strikes


What good is a flashlight or a hand radio if the batteries are dead? Purchasing a variety pack of batteries rather than a normal pack can provide you with additional protection. You may believe you know what battery each device requires, but there’s always that one device that has unrealistic requirements.

Pet Food

If you’ve got a pet or two to take care of in an emergency, having some food on hand for them is always a good idea. Both you and your pets need emergency supplies and an evacuation plan, which includes shelter and food. A comprehensive disaster preparedness plan will not only keep you and your pets safe, but it will also ease the burden on first responders, who will be working with limited resources in the event of a disaster.



Take a look at a map of your city. You’ll rapidly learn how reliant you’ve become on GPS if a disaster takes out your electricity (which it will). To return to the basics, you’ll need to keep track of the dangerous zones on your map as you navigate out of the city or to the next medical facility.


Don’t bother with the matches from the hardware store. Purchase a few dozen BIC lighters like this and store them in a dry location.

Zip Lock Bags

Zip Lock Bags

Your gadgets and family heirlooms will be ruined if they are submerged or covered with moisture during a hurricane, flood, or typhoon. Anything and everything of value to you should be double-zipped.


When the electricity goes out, what do you do first? Of course, the candles must be lit. But what if the power goes off for the entire night? Or for the entire week? You’ll need candles with a nine-hour burn time. If these aren’t available, get the tallest and thickest candles you can find – normally I would say do not bother with tea light candles, however, they do have 5 hr tea light candles like this. These 9 day candles are pretty good too or you can go with a classic 120 hr candle like this.



Rescue workers will eventually row from home to house in the event of a flood, looking for stranded families. Use a flare gun to bring attention to your property and speed up the procedure. Flares are also great if you’re stuck on the side of the road, and a flare kit like this can really help.


Another one to pay attention to. If you get separated from your tribe during a journey, either alert rescue crews or find your way back to your family unit.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

So, the disaster has left you without a light source or a way to cook, correct? You’re now lighting candles you don’t ordinarily use and cooking with techniques you haven’t used in a long time. Isn’t it reasonable to expect an unintentional fire in these circumstances?

Make your predicament worse by starting a fire in your home. Keep your fire extinguisher like this close at reach and learn how to use it as soon as you have it.


Every home needs a battery-powered flashlight and lantern since they are small, compact, and easy to repower in the event of a power outage. Any home goods store will have a selection of flashlight and lantern accessories. Get an LED flashlight because it will beam brighter in the dark. I really like these flashlight packs on Amazon, we have them all over the house for emergencies.



You should disconnect your electronics if a lightning storm occurs. Similarly, you should turn off your utilities if a natural disaster strikes. Gas lines and water pipes, in particular. In these circumstances, explosions and flooding are not unusual.


You can go in and out of a Walmart with a shotgun in 20 minutes if you live near one and have a permit. If you cannot do that, then make sure you have access to knives, or try to figure out how to make a bow and arrow if you’re skilled enough.

Duct Tape

The perfect tool for repairing your car in an emergency! Seal windows, stop leaks, and, if necessary, reassemble your car long enough to get out of dodge. The most important catastrophe accessory you keep beneath the kitchen sink is duct tape. Grab as much as you possibly can.



Is there a hurricane on the horizon? Zombies on the prowl for a meal? As soon as possible, reinforce your windows. If your house is siding on the outside, plywood boards may be readily put on to safeguard your windows.

Do you live in a high-rise building? Duct tape, here we go again! From the inside, nail some planks together and attach them over your windows.


Within hours, a damp or cold disaster can cause significant damage to the inside of your home. Fill in any gaps or seal any holes you detect on your windows and doors with caulk. The goal is to provide the warmest and driest conditions possible. This implies you should consider applying the caulk in places where it isn’t normally used, such as the base of your front door.

Heavy Duty Blankets

Heavy Duty Blankets

You’ll need blankets that will help regulate and/or stabilize your body temperature, whether you’re settling in for a weekend of snowstorms or awaiting a full-on apocalyptic blizzard. Military-grade wool blankets, which keep you warm even when wet, or a simple down comforter, which can be found in any superstore or department store, are two options.

Super Glue

Super glue can be used to temporarily connect wood, metal, and plastic, as we all know… However, did you know that super glue may also be used to repair a tiny wound? If a piece of glass slices your finger during a disaster and you can’t get to a hospital, use super glue to temporarily close the wound.

Use glue sparingly on serious wounds, near your eyes, or as a daily fix. However, if you’re in a pinch, this will assist stop the bleeding and protect you from infection.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Every home should have a first-aid kit, and chances are you already have one. The majority of people overlook the fact that a medical kit does not update itself. Check the expiration dates on your Neosporin and make sure you haven’t used up all of your Band-Aids. Pro Tip: Throw in an Epi Pen for good measure.


Humans require one gallon of water per person every day as a rule of thumb. This applies to both drinking water and sanitation. When disaster hits, there is no guarantee that clean water will be available. And if you don’t have clean water, you’re doomed.

emergency food

Emergency Food

Because you don’t know how long the disaster’s aftermath will persist, you’ll want to collect food that won’t spoil soon, doesn’t require refrigeration, and can be eaten without cooking or heating.

  • Jerky Nuts from Beef
  • Spam
  • Peanut Butter (Peanut Butter)
  • tuna in a can (pop-top cans are best)
  • Bars high in protein
  • Anything can be pickled.
  • While you should collect food that will provide nutrients and nourishment, having some morale-boosting treats can help tremendously. Consider “chips and salsa” or a Snickers bar.

Feminine Products

Showers are necessary for good hygiene, especially at that time of the month. Now is the time to stock up on tampons or, better yet, switch to the Diva Cup or cloth pads, which are indefinitely reusable.


What else can you do if there’s a blackout or blizzard? Although there are no official statistics on how many babies have been conceived in these settings, we might conclude that calamities double as baby-makers on an unofficial basis.

toilet paper

Toilet Paper

If it weren’t for this list, you’d have completely forgotten about this one! This relates to the topic of cleanliness. Never underestimate the physical and mental benefits of maintaining good cleanliness habits, especially when living in close quarters.

Baby Wipes

Not only are baby wipes super useful in wiping down dirty surfaces really quickly, but you can use them to give yourself a quick wash if you don’t have access to water, or wipe your butt after a trip to the bathroom.



Stored in a cold wallet, your cryptocurrencies will be safe and accessible if the grid goes down. Greece, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe are only a few examples. What are the similarities and differences between these three countries? With hyperinflation and a debt crisis that transformed their currency into pickles, their economy suffered a complete plunge. If the US dollar follows suit, or if banks begin to close, you should consider changing your online funds to Crypto before the internet goes down. Don’t just look at bitcoin though, XRP, Cardano, Etherium are also all excellent choices.

Bottom Line: Get Prepared

When disaster comes, it’s important to remember that the crisis isn’t your only threat. Within hours, your neighbors will become hostile, and your thirst will turn lethal in 10 days. You should be more concerned about the aftermath and the consequences of not being prepared than with the event itself.

There is no reason to be unprepared.

The only way to keep these threats, concerns, and risks to a minimum? Now is the time to get ready. Today. Everything in this list is currently available. It’s always preferable to have something and not require it than to require it and not own it.

24 Things You NEED When Disaster Strikes

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