How To Survive Martial Law
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How to Survive Martial Law

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How to survive martial law, because you won’t have access to this information if we enter it!

All preparedness enthusiasts fear martial law, and it may be a horrific experience. All of America is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of civil unrest.

Uncontrollable rioting, social unrest, and other factors might lead to the declaration of martial law, regardless of who is in charge of the country.

For a long time, a great societal rebellion has been planned. Not only may civil unrest lead to the declaration of martial law, but so can any natural disaster.

Since we aren’t under martial law right now, and if you’re reading this, you aren’t under martial law either, now is the time to figure out what to do and how to prepare for when the federal government takes away constitutional rights and declares a national emergency with martial law.

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What Is Martial Law

The suspension of ordinary law, the Constitution, the government, the legislative, and even the judicial systems are known as martial law. In times of emergency or civil unrest, when the incumbent government is unable to function, these laws are replaced by a harsh military dictatorship.

A number of rights, notably the right to a fair trial and the right to free expression, are also suspended.

It may happen everywhere around the globe, not just in America. When the three independent powers of government fail to work properly, the Constitution is suspended and a military officer is placed in charge of the government. This might be for a variety of reasons, including:

  • war,
  • a WMD attack,
  • a foreign invasion,
  • a devastating disaster such as a hurricane or Yellowstone erupting,
  • civil war

In actuality, there are two forms of martial law: national (the most feared possibility) and local (in the event of a disastrous disaster that only impacts a portion of the country).

Can Martial Law Be Useful

Yes, it is possible. When SHTF, the majority of people will be unprepared, and someone will have to keep them in check. But whether the government can do it successfully with or without martial law is another thing.

Your federal and local governments will send out law enforcement officers to make sure all the rules are being followed at all times.

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How to Survive Martial Law

It’s terrifying to be under martial law, and the possibility of martial law isn’t that far-fetched in North America right now. The right to a fair trial has been waived, as has the right to free expression. It’s much scarier since you can’t stop it from happening. You have a few options for surviving Martial Law and regaining control of your position. Make sure to brush up on your survival skills and keep extra food supplies as the most important aspects of surviving martial law.

Listen More, Talk Less

It is preferable not to speak now that freedom of expression has been taken away. Listen more than you speak. See what your neighbors or friends have to say about it, and pray no one notices you’re a prepper. In this scenario, lying is acceptable.

Keep A Low Profile

The last thing you want is to become a target. Those who riot or disobey the law are targeted. Preppers are vulnerable at this period, and you must maintain a low profile at all times. Never draw unnecessary attention to yourself and keep to your home, it’s the safest place.

Never mention your preparations. Nobody other needs to know about your family’s possessions. Wearing military-style attire is not appropriate. Camouflage is a bad idea; leave it to the wilderness. You risk confrontation if you dress in military garb. Keep your profile low.

Don’t trust anyone

People will try to mimic military forces or law enforcement personnel while Martial Law is in effect. Some may attempt to become legislation. This is referred to as WROL post-disaster by preppers, which stands for Without The Rule of Law. It’s conceivable, so don’t put your faith in anyone.

Friends and neighbors are included. They may instantly turn you in for whatever you say or do, so don’t put your faith in anyone. These are perilous times.

Get To Know the Rules

Martial Law changes the rules and laws, therefore staying on top of them to prevent getting in trouble. Make a list of them or maintain a notebook with them. Always follow the regulations that the authorities give you, and keep in mind that they may change in the midst of the pandemonium.

Because you will receive several reports, it might be difficult to keep track of everything. Keeping note of who said what is beneficial.

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Bug In or Get Out

One of the most crucial decisions to make is whether you should remain or depart. The safest location for your family is usually inside your home with the lights turned off, but what if you can’t remain there? Under Martial Law, you don’t want to run out of food or water.

Whatever you do, don’t be late for your appointments. The military and National Guard have been trained to react fast and strategically. Determine how long you can stay in one place and select a backup site in case you need to flee via an escape route. If necessary, be ready to depart. You don’t have to give your life to protect your property.


It’s always better to plan ahead of time than to wait until a disaster comes. Store shelves will empty out in a hurry during Martial Law, and going to the store will be a terrifying experience. You should make sure you have enough food and drink on hand. Always keep three days’ worth of food on hand, as well as one gallon of water per person every day.

Make sure you have survival food and other temporary emergency preps on hand as they will come in handy during the time of martial law.

Lie about Your Preps

As a prepper, you should keep adequate water and food in your cupboard, but you can’t tell anybody else about your stockpiles. You have less motivation to go out on the town, but you still have to act the part. Keep your profile low. People will notice that you can never leave your residence and will inquire about it.

Look at what your neighbors are doing and emulate them. Pick up bread and other items at the neighborhood grocery shop. Make sure you have your water filters, a ham radio, own food, and a first aid kit all prepped ahead of time.

If you absolutely need goods, try to stay away from major retailers like Walmart. Make sure you have cash on hand in case the ATM or credit card machines fail.

Avoid Large Shelters

Avoid crowds of hundreds or thousands of people in camps or huge shelters. These kinds of scenarios may soon go out of hand and can turn into a detention camp or detention centers. You’re exposing yourself to a potentially dangerous situation, and people will most likely respond violently. Bringing your family into these sites is seldom a wise idea, and once inside, the military can make you remain.

Life Under Marcial Law

It’s not difficult to see what Martial Law might entail. Life would undoubtedly be difficult.

  • Even during the day, groups of armed men will monitor the streets.
  • There will be a suspension of civil law
  • Unless you hide your firearms very carefully, they will almost certainly be confiscated.
  • Food, water, and other resources may be seized, and you will no longer be able to hoard them. If you need food or water in a city, you may have to wait hours for a loaf of bread.
  • Expect astronomical inflation. The US debt has been spiraling out of hand for some time, and under martial law, everyone will throw away their money like it’s infected.
  • There will be travel restrictions, even between local cities and towns.
  • At any moment, any vehicle can be stopped or confiscated.
  • Health will be a major concern. Rats and cockroaches will grow and spread illness if most people do not have access to running water.
  • There will be gun confiscation
  • The news will spread slowly. Furthermore, most of it will be untrue. If you’re under martial law, never trust anything you hear unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes or there’s a pistol pointed at your head.
  • Means of communication can be cut off
  • Habeas corpus is suspended. You will no longer have the right to a fair trial. A military court will judge you if you do something wrong, even if it is just for the purpose of defending yourself and your family.
  • Public safety will be gone
  • Freedom of the press, as well as freedom of expression, will be lost.
  • Even in tiny towns, armed checkpoints are likely to be set up.
  • You may expect to have “talks” with the militia or military if you’re a rioter, a nuisance, or even a probable suspect. Even if you haven’t done anything illegal, you may be prohibited from leaving town.
  • Expect power, hot water, and even TV viewing time to be rationed.
  • You can lose your home.
  • These will be uncertain times
  • Medical supplies can become scarce
  • There will be a temporary substitution of military authority

Don’t Be Alone

Maintain small groups of 2-4 people. During martial law, even a small group has a huge safety advantage over an individual. Only a group can offer the redundancy and backup you’ll need to mitigate the hazards of a civil war.

Stick with those you know and trust. You may or may not have a ready and capable group within your own family or circle of friends throughout the period of the declaration.

You might rely on a group that was wholly artificial, such as a survivalist network or mutual help organization if you didn’t have these deep relationships of the family.

Make that you have sufficient supplies. Despite the numerous advantages that a group may offer, more individuals will always necessitate more supplies.

Because you won’t be able to rely on anybody else under martial law, you must look after each other. Ascertain that you have adequate shared items on hand to suit everyone’s requirements.

The family, or tribe, is humanity’s most basic unit. Individuals seldom thrive or endure long at times of extreme struggle.

Your gang may aid you while you sleep, deliver important goods, vouch for your location, give you a safe haven, seek supplies, and provide medical coverage if you become ill.

Your folks only care about you because they know you would do the same for them if the circumstances were reversed.

Our family and closest friends will be the most important and vital people in our lives.

Preparing For Martial Law

When things start to deteriorate, they will deteriorate without warning. That’s when you have to respond quickly and either bug in or bug out, depending on the situation.

Keep in mind that martial rule is not the same as a state of emergency, which is essentially the same thing. Your legal rights and civil rights will be revoked. The police may arrive at your house and demand that you accompany them. And this might go on for weeks, if not months.

The greatest thing you can probably do is hide. Less human interaction is preferable. All you need to survive is a safe haven, plenty of supplies, weapons, and your family.

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