3 Best survival Walkie Talkie Radio Options For Preppers

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The best walkie talkies have a long battery life and other important features to get you through natural disasters when cell phones will not work.

When you’re in survival mode during natural disasters or otherwise, the only thing that counts is getting out of whatever scenario you’re in. Where you are will determine how effective your portable 2-way radio is because your cell phones will not work.

If you’re stuck on a boat during a fishing expedition, thick woodlands have a different effect on communication than a hilly location or other open areas. In general, you’ll obtain more range in open fields than in regions with a lot of obstacles.

The idea is that before purchasing the best survival walkie talkies, you should think about where you’ll be going. When it comes to natural catastrophes like hurricanes, though, location is less of an issue because they may strike anywhere. So, for the most part, an all-purpose walkie talkie is the ideal option when your mobile phone doesn’t work.

Features To Look For In A Survival Walkie Talkie

Now that you know what kind of set you’ll need and where you’ll use it, your gadget must have a few important features in order to be useful in an emergency. These are the following:

Distance/ Range

The greatest distance between two sets for efficient message exchange is referred to as the operational range or long distance. The gadget is largely unusable beyond this maximum range.

You must disregard the manufacturer’s declared operating range. In real-life scenarios, those statistics are unreasonable. The 10, 16, 20, or even more miles you see are only attainable in ideal conditions, which are very difficult to achieve in reality.

Uneven ground, weather conditions, barriers, trees, and other factors, alone or in combination, dramatically restrict range.

Privacy Channels

If you’re having trouble transmitting due to too much interference from other RF sources, the number of different channels in your device becomes increasingly important.

For hybrid frs radios / gmrs radio sets, most devices have a maximum of 22 main channels. With only 22 frequencies, finding an unoccupied channel would be difficult.

However, with privacy codes, the number of possible channels or frequency bands might exceed 2000.

With so many channels, it’s easy to find a free channel. If you don’t want an intruder to listen in on your chat, this feature is critical.

Size and weight

A high-quality belt clip is a vital design component to have on the best walkie talkies for survival. This is vital since there will be occasions when you will require the use of your hands.

It’s inconvenient to put it in your backpack since you’d have to unzip and dig through your bag to find it. Furthermore, if the set is inside your luggage, you may miss vital incoming signals.

Because you’ll be carrying it for the majority of the time, it has to be tiny enough to fit in your hands comfortably without being too heavy.

Furthermore, the design must be ergonomic such that you can easily grasp it even when wearing gloves. Something you’ll probably be wearing most of the time.


The ability of the battery to power your 2-way radio for an extended period of time is typically one of the most vital qualities to have.

Most electronics, in general, are powered by rechargeable battery packs. However, the ideal gadget should also include a backup power source. The most common battery types are AA and AAA batteries.

They are lightweight, inexpensive, and may provide power for several hours. When you’re out with your walkie talkie, it’s a good idea to have multiple of them on hand.

Optional Features

Flashlight: When it becomes dark, you’ll need a flashlight to find your way. It might be used to help you find your way in the dark.

Weather stations: NOAA weather alerts are crucial for knowing what the weather will be like.

VOX: This is required to use the gadget without holding it. The relevance of the belt clip increases in this situation.

3 Best survival Walkie Talkie Radios

Uniden SX327-CK Two-Way Radio

When you absolutely need to contact other people for aid, nothing beats this Uniden FRS/GMRS portable two-way radios as one of the best walkie talkies on the market today.

It has all of the essential elements you’d need in a life-threatening situation. You’d get access to a maximum of 22 channels, plus 121 privacy codes, giving you a total of 2662 channels to pick from.

The weather-resistant gadget also has NOAA weather channels with warnings, the frequency range of 32 miles in optimum circumstances, 10 call tomes with vibrating function, and other capabilities.

More information

It may also be powered by a rechargeable battery pack or disposable alkaline batteries, much like the greatest gadgets in this category. There’s also the USB charging capability, which allows you to charge it anyplace there’s a power source with USB ports.

BAOFENG GT-22 FRS Two Way Radio

Baofeng’s GT-22 handheld portable radio is a straightforward dual-band communication device that is ideal for use in the outdoors, and even for a camping trip and in emergency situations and is my second top pick.

The device is compact and light, making it a convenient item to transport. It has all of the needed elements for an emergency in terms of features and functions.

16 channels with privacy codes; wide/narrow bandwidth option; VOX function for hands-free operations; auto scanning to seek for active transmissions; squelch function for clear reception; and much more are among the features.

The readily programmable devices (which come in a pair) are powered by 1500 mAh rechargeable batteries that will last for several hours of continuous use. A low battery warning also warns users if they are about to run out of power.

Midland LXT118 FRS Walkie Talkies

The Midland LXT118 is also available in a two-pair set at a very low price. One of the things that makes it great is the best value as well as the useful features that made it worth the best walkie-talkies list.

The longer-range function guarantees that you can communicate with your party no matter how far away they are (reliable communication), and the hands-free mode means you don’t have to hold your Midland to send a message. While it’s still linked to the belt clip, you may simply activate it with your voice which is important in a survival situation.

Automatic channel scan; keypad lock to avoid inadvertent function activation; call alert tones; emergency alerts; auto squelch for clearer reception; signal strength indicator; and battery life extender, among other features, are all essential for survival.

survival Walkie Talkie Radios Bottom Line

The goal of this analysis was to find and choose the finest walkie talkies for survival.

If you don’t desire any of the five devices here for any reason, the characteristics and functions that make for an excellent portable 2-way radio were also emphasized. That should act as a detailed guide when you seek your preferred option.

In an emergency, any of the products listed below will suffice. And the best part is that they are so adaptable that they can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities.

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