Best Survival Watch Reviews

Best Survival Watch Reviews For 2022

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Choosing the best survival watch that will help you through a survival situation is so important if you’re a prepper! Be ready for anything with a new watch full of useful tools and features to get you through tough times.

This is because a survival watch is primarily built for survival conditions, and you might argue that your life is on the line.

As a result, it’s critical that you think about every component of the survival watch you’re going to buy.

But I’m not here to scare you or make you feel scared by the notion that you must be really selective. In fact, I have a gadget with me that can assist you in your quest!

This article is about timepieces that can resist harsh environments, have excellent features, and can help in extreme situations. By the conclusion of this post, you’ll have a good idea of which of the finest survival watches we’ve listed is the best fit for you.

Features In The Perfect Survival Watch You Need

No of the weather, landscape, or activities, you can count on a reliable survival watch.

Drops, knocks, scratches, dents, dampness, mud, and water must all be avoided in an emergency situation.

As a result, the following items make up a comprehensive survival watch:

Quality Wrist Strap

Having a robust watch with a lot of features won’t help you if it goes missing from your wrist. Wristbands or straps are constructed of a variety of materials, including silicone, stainless steel, and, of course, rubber, which is the best for survival.


When you’re out in the woods or find yourself in the middle of nowhere, you and your gear need to be robust. Water, dust, mud, and a sudden hit or fall should not be a problem for your watch in the woods. This is why you should look for a watch that is well-made and shock-resistant.

Battery / Solar

Kinetic, mechanical, and solar-powered watches are the best possibilities for a survival watch. You won’t have to worry about your watch dying or needing a rechargeable battery when you need it most if you have solar power.

So, while smartwatches might give you a wealth of information, they’re not the type of watch you need if you’re not sure how long you’ll be out in the woods.

A basic classic analog timepiece that can be powered by natural or artificial light will suffice. In this manner, you may rest assured that your watch will not suddenly stop working.

Water Resistance

The water is one of the abuses and shocks you could meet in the outdoors and a water-resistant watch is a great choice. It might take the form of a rainstorm or a swiftly flowing deep river that you must cross when practicing your survival skills. As a result, you must ensure that your watch is resistant to water and humidity.

Additional Features

GPS: The GPS will assist you in locating your current position. This is really beneficial if you become disoriented in the middle of nowhere. As a result, the greatest survival watch for navigating is one that can offer the most precise coordinates of your position. More GPS survival watches may be found in our triathlon GPS watch review.

Compass: It must have a high-quality compass. It’s essentially up to you whether you use a digital compass or not. Nonetheless, a compass is one of the necessities.

Thermometer: A thermometer is also necessary, especially if you are the type of tourist or the outdoor enthusiast that visits locations where the weather is harsh. This will assist you in determining the temperature in your environment. It is crucial to remember, however, that when the timepiece is worn, the thermometer is quite close to your body. As a result, the overall temperature ratings may be affected.

Altimeter: When going over mountains and high locations, an altimeter is quite useful. This is due to the fact that an altimeter detects your altitude in a specific location. And if you’re in a situation where you’ll require altitude to locate your way back, having an altimeter on your selected item will come in handy.

Barometer: The barometer is in the same boat. The barometer, on the other hand, primarily measures the elements that influence wind and weather. As a result, it’s reasonable to conclude that a device like a barometer may be quite useful while going outside.

Sunrise & Sunset Times: A survival watch with dawn and sunset time is fairly popular, especially if you need to travel to different time zones. And this is especially useful if you travel to high-altitude locations. Keep in mind that if you’re on higher terrain, the sunset will be considerably earlier.

Countdown Timer: A handy feature in any watch, but very useful in survival situations if you need to scope out a scenario.

Case: Some watches come with a candy stainless steel case to keep the watch safe in your survival gear storage.

Best Survival Watches

Our selection includes clocks that include the above-mentioned features. Even if they don’t have a GPS or compass, they’re just as robust and useful outdoors, and they’re far more affordable for those on a budget.

Timex Men’s Expedition Gallatin Solar-Powered Watch


  • Perfect for entry-level users
  • Great Price
  • Durable
  • It can fit large wrist
  • Analog display


  • It is water resistant up to 50 meters or 165 feet only
  • Too basic for an advanced level user

The Gallatin Solar series is one of the Timex Expedition collection’s series. Even though it’s not easy to read like digital watches, it is a great option for a survival watch. As a result, its models include many of the features seen in the Timex Expedition and Gallatin Solar watches.

The power source of the Timex Expedition Gallatin Solar Watch is one of its most important features. It can be recharged using any light source and has two-month battery life.

In general, this watch is designed for use outside, yet it nevertheless prioritizes aesthetics and wearer comfort.

For starters, the watch features a 22mm double-layer cloth strap with a slip-through construction that makes it simple to wear and remove off your wrist. It has a rough appearance and feels tough but soft against your skin. A buckle clasp holds your watch in place.

Even the watch casing is made to withstand the elements. It’s composed of resin, which is robust enough to safeguard the watch’s internal mechanism. The watch has luminous hands and a date window at 3 o’clock on a dial with half Arabic numerals.

Some extra features include water-resistant for 50 meters, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including swimming for brief periods of time. It is not, however, designed for diving or snorkeling. Even though it is a simple, classic clock, it is accurate, comfortable, and trustworthy for activities. All of these benefits come at a very low cost.

Sunnto Core


  • Great price
  • A fully-functional watch
  • Special features like altimeter, barometer, pressure reader, GPS, etc.
  • It has a 2-year warranty
  • Sleek and elegant appearance
  • Easy to Read with its digital display
  • Water resistant up to 330 ft


  • Poor customer service

The suunto core characteristics are just what you’ll need when looking for the ultimate survival watch.

You will also have access to the following features: altimeter, barometer, calendar clock, weather memory, sea-level pressure reader, water resistance, bearing tracker, cardinal directions, log graph, guided calibration, GPS, and multi-language translator, in addition to the ones stated above. You can tell this is an all-in-one watch just by looking at the features.

The survival watch is primarily geared for heavy-duty applications in terms of durability. This type is really advertised as a genuine outdoor item and it lasts a long time too.

The greatest disadvantage of this one is the battery capacity. According to the manufacturer, it should last at least 6 months. However, according to actual users, it can barely last 1 to 2 months.

However, because the business has addressed these flaws in recent years, it may still be a great survival watch for you. In addition, battery replacements are quite inexpensive.

Casio Rangeman GW9400-1 AS MB6 Twin Sensor Wristwatch


  • Tough
  • Reliable
  • Packed with useful features
  • Lightweight
  • Resin body
  • Stainless steel details
  • Solar powered
  • Barometric pressure
  • Altimeter
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Multiband 6 Atomic Radio


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

The Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW9400 is a classic military personnel timepiece. Even the color choices – Black and Army Green – are military-inspired.

This specific clock, on the other hand, isn’t intended just for military people. It’s also ideal for people looking for a watch that’s robust, dependable, and loaded with functions.

You’ll immediately see that it’s pretty large. It was made this way to safeguard the watch’s buttons and other internal components. But don’t worry, it’s still light and won’t tire out your wrist even if you wear it for lengthy periods of time.

It also has a resin body with stainless steel embellishments, which are both sturdy and attractive materials.

When it comes to functionality, this watch is solar-powered, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing the battery. It has tactical features such as a barometer, altimeter, compass, and thermometer. These features are ideal for military operations as well as other outdoor pursuits.

The Multiband 6 Atomic Radio is another feature that many people overlook yet is extremely useful for survival. When most of your devices already have no signal, you’ll understand how valuable this feature is. The stopwatch, split timer, LED lighting, and the sunrise-sunset option is among the minor features.


What is the Best Survival Watch for Outdoorsmen?

When it comes to quality, features, and exceptional value for money, the asio Rangeman GW9400-1 AS MB6 Twin Sensor Wristwatch is the ideal survival watch for outdoorsmen.

Do G-Shock Watches Have a Compass?

A compass is available on some G-Shock watches, but only on certain models. A compass sensor is now included in eight G-Shock models.

Is G-Shock Scratch Resistant?

G-Shocks are scratch resistant not because of the mineral crystal that covers the dial, but because of the design of the bezel.

Best Survival Watches Bottom Line

Isn’t it better to be prepared? So, if you’re planning on going camping or doing some outdoor activities, having a good survival watch will come in handy. You’ll be able to plan your journey properly, choose the best route, and get home on time with such a watch. So go ahead and pick your survival watch carefully.

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