Best Survival Spear To Add To Your Prepper Stash
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Best Survival Spear To Add To Your Prepper Stash

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Spears are regarded as the most powerful hand-to-hand weapon. They’ve been used for hunting, sport, and enjoyment for ages. Tactical spears build on an age-old design by making them almost indestructible and razor-sharp.

What is the purpose of a tactical spear? Because they’re entertaining and may be used tactically for self-defense, hunting, survival, and leisure tossing. Spears can also be used for cutting, sawing, splitting wood, and even fishing around the campground. They are a true survivalist’s tool.

Different types of tactical spears, like tomahawks and throwing knives, are excellent for throwing. For some extra fun at the campsite or in the garden, try throwing at hay bales, targets, stumps, or trees.

Heavy-duty tactical spears are exceptionally tough, with a better grip having a nylon-fiberglass grip, and a stainless steel blade that can cut through anything!

Why Own A Survival Spear

Man did not possess a gun for much of history and the earliest weapons of man used other methods of self-defense. He defended himself with various methods, most often weapons made of granite, bronze, and subsequently steel.

Today, I’d like to get you thinking about which weapon is the simplest and most effective to manufacture from resources on hand, whether they come from a local stand of forests or a scrap heap of wood and metal from a nearby industrial facility.

The spear is the weapon we recommend. The spear has been used to kill great animals for ages, and it is still used to hunt lions in areas of Africa today. It can also be used as a walking stick, and as a cold steel hunting spear.

Best Survival Spear

United M48 Talon Survival Spear

The M48 Talon Survival Spear by United Cutlery is one of the best hunting spears long, it has a strong blade, and was designed for rigorous use. The overall length of this spear is 44-1/8″ long, with an 8″ blade that’s ready to cut! The blade is made of stainless steel and is razor-sharp and thick enough to handle whatever you throw at it. It may be used for breaching, thrusting, impaling, and slashing as well as hunting and fishing.

This survival spear may be used for a variety of purposes, including camp chores, survival situations, and just simple fun! The handle is composed of 30% fiberglass and comes with a rubber sheath to protect the blade while not in use.

Some users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the traditional styles spear’s limited length. A short spear, on the other hand, has several tactical uses and may be used in urban fighting. With a short spear, you can maneuver more effectively and use it to your advantage. The blade is thick enough to pierce even the toughest materials, such as armor or thick clothes.

The United Cutlery M48 Talon is one of our favorites since it’s tough, hefty, and short enough to move in a battle.

Apocalypse Undead Survival Spear

United Cutlery’s Apocalypse Undead Survival Spear is a fantastic spin on the standard spear design. It is 44-1/8″ long and features a razor-sharp 8″ blade. The handle is nylon reinforced with 30% Fiberglass and can withstand a lot of punishment!

This spear was made to withstand a lot of abuse and can handle just about everything. The handle is nearly impenetrable, while the blade is broad and heavy enough to inflict some harm on an adversary or to pry, shatter, and pierce. It may also be used to chop wood.

Reapr TAC Javelin Serrated Spear

The Reaper tactical spear has a half-serrated blade, a nylon-fiberglass grip, and is well-balanced. It’s a tough spear that can handle a variety of cutting jobs. Because of the grooved nylon fiberglass grip, you may hunt tiny species with more accuracy with this spear. It’s ideal for tight spaces, has a forceful stroke, and is versatile enough to chop and split wood around the campground.

Because of the replaceable spearhead, the Reapr tactical spear is excellent survival gear. Some jobs, such as camp duties that need a sharp blade, become easier once the spear head is removed. It may also be used as a survival knife, as it is 8″ long and includes a serrated blade.

How To Choose The Best Survival Spears

Purpose Of Spear

Choose a spear with a moderately broad blade for huge animals, such as deer, bison, or pigs, to deal greater damage. To avoid contact with the animal, the shaft must be longer in addition to the blade size.

Choose a lighter spear with a thinner blade if you want to target smaller animals or fish. It would also be beneficial to have a shorter shaft for throwing.

Also, think about how violent the animal you’re hunting is when thinking about the best spears. For example, hog hunting is not the same as deer hunting. A deer will flee, while a hog may rush at you. A winged spear, such as the Cold Steel Boar Spear, is advantageous in this situation.


Choose cold steel spears that are lightweight and simpler to throw long distances. Prioritize the shorter variants as well.

Additional Features

When looking for a survival spear you may enjoy some other features such as high carbon steel, medium carbon steel, black oxide coating, leather wrappings, variety of shaft lengths, nylon-fiberglass handle, ash wood shaft, or a rubberized tpr snap sheath. Keep in mind that your survival spear should be comfortable and heavy duty enough to help you in a survival situation whether you need to use it as a hunting tool againts a wild boar or self-defense against dangerous animals.

You Can Use Your Survival Spear To Hunt – But where Is Spear Hunting Legal?

Spear hunting small game isn’t something you can do just anyplace, especially in the city due to close quarters to neighbors.

It’s critical that you understand the spear hunting rules and restrictions in your region if you plan on using your spear for more than survival and self defense. You can’t go around flinging spears at anything that moves like a crazed caveman and other large game.

You should check your local regulations to see which wild animal you can spear hunt.


Are Spears Good for Hunting?

With a spear, you may hunt all kinds of species, including pigs, deer, fish, and even greater game. Since the dawn of tool use, spears have been the dominant hunting weapon.

Spears for hunting huge wildlife have become incredibly effective. Learning to hunt with a spear requires a lot of effort and patience, but it is feasible. You must approach closer to your target than while hunting with a rifle or bow, which necessitates subtlety.

Spear hunting necessitates pinpointing precision and strength in order to kill your victim.

Are Spears Good For Self-Defense?

Spears are regarded as one of the most flexible self-defense weapons available, aside from firearms. Any Kung-Fu dojo will tell you that the spear is a particularly dangerous hand-to-hand weapon. With a spear, you can defend yourself against people and animals, and many people bring them trekking and camping specifically for that purpose.

Are Spears Good for Hiking? 

It’s a lot of pleasure to hike through the woods with a spear in your hand. It’s almost basic in nature. Our forefathers used spears for everything, so it’s only natural that you’d want to carry one when trekking.

The only difficulty you could run into is other people becoming concerned, but apart from that, there’s no reason you shouldn’t carry one the next time you walk into the woods.

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