26 Important Survival Uses for Floss

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Lack of space might be a severe issue when packing your bug-out bag or storing goods on the shelf. As a result, it’s ideal to keep goods that can be used for multiple reasons. Trash bags, chapstick, and pantyhose all take up very little room and can be utilized in a variety of ways. Dental floss might also help.

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Survival Uses for Floss

Make a Fire

You might use floss as your cordage to spin the stick back and forth to create a fire if you need to make a bow drill to start a fire.

Fix Your Glasses

Use floss to lash together a broken nose piece or run it through the region where the screw should have been. You can also tie the floss around the earpieces to keep them from falling out of your ears.

As Stitches

Dental floss can be used to put your skin back together if you get cut and need to close the wound.

Construct a Tripwire

Wrap the floss around some trees in a tight spiral. Anyone who comes stumbling into your neighborhood will fall flat on their face before they reach you. Even if there is snow on the ground, the thin floss will blend in.

As Restrictions

It isn’t pleasant to think about, but if you have to restrain somebody, several strands of floss around their wrists should do it.

Support Climbing Plants

You can use floss to tie vines to supports if you have climbing plants like peas, tomatoes, or anything else. Just be careful not to tie them too tightly.

Tie Down a Trunk

If you have too many items in your car’s trunk to close it, use dental floss to secure it. A dozen loops will be enough.

As Floss

Sure, this one is self-evident, but without dentists, keeping your teeth in good repair will be difficult. Take care of them now to avoid a dental emergency when the SHTF happens. Flossing is the most crucial thing you can do to keep your teeth healthy.

In the Role of a Clothesline

Make a temporary clothesline for your socks by stringing a line of floss between two trees. It’s critical to keep your feet dry. The floss will most likely not be strong enough to hold your jeans, but it will hold your undies and a few shirts.

Repairing Clothes

Floss may be used to repair shirts, pants, and even shoes. If possible, save some floss that hasn’t been waxed.

As a Shoelace

If your shoelaces come undone, thread dental floss through them and use it instead. It isn’t perfect, but it should be adequate for keeping your shoes on your feet.

Secure Hair and Clothes

If you’re hiking through the woods, you don’t want your hair or clothing to get caught on something. Use floss to fasten loose garments or as a hair tie.

A Dummy Cord

Tie crucial items to your clothes or backpack so they don’t fall out and get lost. Compasses, knives, and other instruments, for example.

Create a rope

Braid many strands of dental floss together to make a strong rope that may be used to haul gear, hang large goods, and any other task that calls for something a little more durable than dental floss.

Straps for Garbage Bags

Wrap waste bags over your legs and bind them with the floss if you want to keep your feet and lower legs dry while traveling through rainy, swampy, or snowy environments.

Make a Lean-To

Make a Lean-To with a Tarp or Blanket Using floss, make a lean-to with a tarp or blanket. Simply thread the floss through the tarp’s holes or the emergency blanket’s corners.


If you need a larger shelter, lash branches together with dental floss to create one. If you already have a shelter, you can reinforce it with floss.

Set an Alarm

String a length of floss over the perimeter of your camp or outside your home with a few tin or aluminum cans and lids tied to it. Intruders will alert your hobo alarm since the floss is tough to see.

Make a Snare

Learn how to create snares and traps for catching small game to eat. The floss is strong enough to hang on to most tiny to medium-sized creatures.

Construct a Spear

To make a spear for hunting or self-defense, carefully wrap your knife around a branch with dental floss.

Make a bow

If you braid multiple strands of floss together, you might be able to use it as a replacement string for your bow.

Construct a Fishing Pole

You can create a fishing pole out of floss and a branch if you don’t have one. You’ll be ready to go fishing in no time if you make a hook and tie it to the end of the line.

Make a Fishing Net

This is a lot more difficult, but if you know-how, you can accomplish it with dental floss. Here are some step-by-step instructions with illustrations.

Hang Up Your Food

Food should be kept out of the reach of vermin, raccoons, and bears. The floss can be wrapped around a bag and then around a branch of a tree. Suspending your food off the ground also prevents it from becoming wet due to moisture on the ground.

Cut Food

If you don’t have a knife, wrap dental floss around a piece of meat or a large piece of fruit and tighten it. Because the floss is so tiny, it can cut through meat and other foods, making it easier to divide and conquer.

As Tinder

You can start a fire with waxed dental floss since it burns easily. It’s a better idea to use it to tie kindling bundles together.

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